Connective Corridor

News: Teen Competitive Art Exhibition Launches at Community Folk Art Center

By Rose Picón, staff writer

The Community Folk Art Center (CFAC) is showcasing the artwork of talented area teens through a Teen Competitive Art Exhibition happening May 5 to 19. Teens from high schools across the Syracuse area submitted their best work to CFAC’s competition, and the winners will be announced during the exhibition’s opening reception, May 5, from 1p.m. to 3 p.m.  Curated by local art professionals and artists, the project celebrates a 40-year commitment by CFAC to teen art – much of which reflects the complex, emotionally charged teen years.

Students have numerous media to express their creativity because of the multiple media options they are able to choose from. Chris Battaglia, CFAC’s interim curator explains, “Judges break all the artwork submitted for the show into four categories: a drawing category, a painting category, a ceramic and sculpture category, and a mix media category, which includes photography and collage among other things.”

The judges then analyze each of the works, and determine who will receive the award for first, second, and third position for each of the four categories. Specialized awards are also offered to students. These awards include: Best in Show award, which reveals the work that judges liked the best of all categories; Most Eclectic award, which determines whose work the judges found most interesting; and the Director’s award, which is chosen by CFAC’s director Dr. Kelly Lewis. CFAC typically receives around 80 to 100 pieces, so it is challenging to pick winners from each media group.

Winners receive a ribbon and a small cash prize, but the real prize is the opportunity for students to have their work evaluated by real artists in the community. Battaglia notes that “This show is designed to give local high school students a chance to exhibit their work and have some kind of judgment on their work so that they can get a little bit of feedback and see where they stand in the show.” It is exciting for the teenagers to bring family and friends to CFAC and show their work in a well-known gallery exhibition.

CFAC is located on 805 E. Genesee Street along the Connective Corridor, and served by free Connective Corridor bus service.