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News: Imposibilitados at Community Folk Art Center

Community Folk Art Center Presents Imposibilitados: A Theatrical Performance Inspired By the Paintings of Abisay Puentes

Libertad (Paz Asegurada) 2008

Connective Corridor partner, Community Folk Art Center, Inc (CFAC), will present a theatrical performance inspired by the paintings of Syracuse artist Abisay Puentes on Friday, October 12 at 7 p.m.

The performance, entitled Imposibilitados, is a captivating original piece that incorporates music and contemporary dance. Puentes created the piece in collaboration with local actor José Miguel Hernández Hurtado. Hurtado will perform the piece in CFAC’s Black Box Theatre.

“The emotional and captivating nature of Puentes’ work lends itself well to theatricality,” CFAC’s Curator Jillian Nakornthap said.

Select pieces from Puentes’ Imposibilitados series are part of CFAC’s current exhibition, The Other New York: 2012. The series is a fusion of painting and music that explores the complexity of human nature. Puentes’ artwork will be on view until December 8.

At the core of Puentes’ work are a series of perplexing questions: Why do humans hurt each other? What is the reason for man’s evil? Why do men have bad nature? In his attempt to answer these questions, he immerses the viewer in a visceral experience that provoke dark emotions.

Imposibilitados is a two-part meditative performance featuring video, body movement and classical music. The performance chronicles the story of a man who refuses to acknowledge reality and despite his many attempts to find peace, he finds himself caught in a perpetual cycle of contradiction.

“I am very excited to give life to Puentes’ art. His work is very unique and complex,” Hurtado said. “The most challenging part is performing without words and purely through body expressions.”

A talented actor, Hurtado performed a one-man show–”From Cuba to ‘Cuse”–last year at CFAC.